Red Chillies or hot pepper is one of the most valuable crops in India available throughout the country and suitable to use with different food items. They are small in size and popular for their strong acidic flavor and dark color. India is taken as world market leader for trading red chillies across different regions in earth. It is available in different varieties having various purposes Chillies market is largely affected by seasonal prices, world demand and stocks for different varieties of chillies.

chillies are used worldwide in making different medicines and beverages too. Red Chillies are suitable to use with different food items for interesting flavor. When chillies are dried, they are used inside curry dishes. It can also be used for seasoning and taken as essential ingredient for curry powder. Red chillies are used as color agent to give natural color to various spices and food items. as medicinal herb, it is good for treating different types of cancer and taken as immense source of vitamin C.

India is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of chilies in the earth Chilies are estimated principally for their high sourness and color. Almost all the states of India produce the crop. The Indian Chilli producing states are Andhra Pradesh (46%), Karnataka (15%), Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Indian Chilli can be grown during the entire year at one or the other part of the country. India exports chilies in the form of dried chilies, Chilli powder, picked chilies and Chilli oleoresin. Indian Chilli is mainly exported to USA, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East and the Far East.



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