The First quality of turmeric is called as Rajapuri which is manufactured in Sangli, Maharashtra. Masala cultivators majorly use it due to its saffron color. The second quality is Salem Gattha which is cultivated in Salem, Tamilnadu. Both Rajapuri and Salem quality fetch higher prices. Third quality is produced in Messur, Karnataka and called as Godal Patte. It is considered slightly low in quality to the farmers. The fourth quality is the Finger quality which view like human finger. Major states takes place in the production of turmeric are Tamil Nadu, AP, Maharashtra. Karnataka, Orissa, Meghalaya, Bihar and Assam Moreover, Erode, Salem and Rajapur are the main trading place. Total manufacturing of these states is about 2.50 lakh bags in which Meghalaya cultivation is higher at around 100000 bags when the other cities participate for 50000 bags each. Planting starts in July while major arrival time is February.

India is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of turmeric. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Taiwan, Srilanka, Burma are other notable manufacturers of turmeric powder. United States is the largest exporter of turmeric, India supplies 90 % of the US demand, also followed by Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.

Turmeric, which has been used to color cheeses, yogurt, dry mixes, salad dressings, winter butter and margarine. Turmeric is also used to give a yellow color to some prepared mustards, canned chicken broths and other foods. Many Persian dishes takes turmeric as a starter ingredient for almost all Iranian sizzle ups (which typically consist of oil, onions and turmeric followed by any other ingredients that are to be included). In Nepal, turmeric is largly grown and is extensively used in every herbs and meat dish in the country for its color, as well as for its medicinal value.



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